Skills needed to deal with workplace aggression and conflicts

Experiencing some kind of conflict in the workplace is not a rare situation. Many working situations raise conflicts and disagreements in co-workers, employees, and management commonly generate interpersonal strife. These conflicts and disagreements are the reasons of workplace aggression and violence.

When the possibility of conflicts and aggression is everywhere in the workplace, it is not wise to leave it unsolved because the cost of ignoring the issue is very high. To deal with these kinds of issues an organization needs employees with particular skills to resolve the matter and move forward. These required skills are:

  • Stress Management:

Stress kindles the fire of workplace aggression and conflicts. Stress management is the necessary tool to manage the emotions of employees and co-workers and to cope with the frustration of workplace conflicts.

  • Communication:

Better communication skills can manage to deal with aggression and conflicts by understanding the source of conflict and different points of view. Active listening skills, restating, and rephrasing the statement are the key factors to improve better communication and support effective conflict resolution.

  • Problem-solving:

Rather than denying or ignoring the aggression and conflict, it is suggested to tackle it. Problem-solving skills can resolve th3e conflicts successfully. Problem-solving skill includes the correct evaluation of the root cause and various solutions. It is also important to consider various points of view and multiple interests.

  • Team-work:

For proper team functioning, it is also in need to understand the individual personalities and disagreements. By solving these differences and effectively conveying the personal point of view a strong team can be built.

  • Emotional Agility:

Conflicts trigger aggression and strong emotions. It is important to understand the emotions of individuals involved in a conflict. This emotional awareness makes a person able to put oneself in another person’s shoes. Emotional agility skill motivates a person to practice empathy and compassion.

PMVA Course:

Most people need help to learn these conflicts resolving and stress and aggression management skills. PMVA training is a course that is a combination of communication and skills development techniques to deal with workplace aggression and violence. It helps an employee to learn about behaviors, team-work, emotional understanding, problem-solving and many more.


Basis Training is an organization that designs PMVA and conflict management courses according to the needs of various organizations and frontline healthcare staff who deal with violence and aggression in their daily work routine. By helping individuals to deal with violence and aggression we provide them more confidence to perform their jobs more productively.