Get 24/7 Cover With Group Accident Insurance Plan

In light of the ongoing pandemic, wellness benefits are becoming an increasingly important part of a job search. Employees nowadays prioritise organisations that offer comprehensive employee benefit plans. As a result, organisations have realised that a salary hike alone is not enough to attract and retain top talent.

An employee benefit plan can cover everything from health insurance to mental wellness plans. Group personal accident insurance policy is also gaining popularity among employers as one of the most sought-after employee benefit plans. As the name suggests, this policy protects employees from financial burdens resulting from accidents or injuries.

Therefore, if you meet with an unfortunate accident, you won’t have to worry about finances as your organisation will cover all the expenses. In simple words, the organisation takes care of all the treatment expenses of the employees. Also, the employer pays the premium for this policy. This article will guide you through the comprehensive coverage you can avail yourself of under the personal accident insurance policy.

What is 24/7 coverage in a Group Personal Accident Insurance policy?

A group personal accident insurance policy includes a range of benefits and coverage. However, sometimes insurance companies offer this coverage only if the accident occurs at the workplace. If the accident occurs off-site or outside the workplace, employees are not eligible for claims. Thus, a group accident insurance plan is selective coverage. However, many reputable insurance companies, like Plum Insurance, offer round-the-clock accident coverage plans. This means the employee may claim expenses for the accident regardless of whether it occurs on-site or off-site.

Furthermore, with an online digital health ID card facility, you can receive medical treatment at all PAN India network hospitals. The digital ID card will display your medical history to doctors, helping them provide the quick and correct treatment. You may reimburse these later through your group plan. Now let’s take a closer look at what you can get from this policy under any circumstance.

Inclusions under the group accident insurance policy

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Below is a list of the coverages you can get from Plum Insurance’s accident insurance policy, anywhere and anytime.

  • Hospitalisation expenses

If you face an accidental injury anytime during your employment tenure, you can avail the cost of all medical expenses at the hospital. This benefit applies every time you suffer from an accident or injury. The insurance company has a list of network hospitals where you can use this benefit. If you undergo care at a non-network hospital, you can still claim this benefit; however, you must first pay for the procedure before getting reimbursed.

  • Road ambulance expenses

If you meet with an accident and need to call for an ambulance, the road ambulance expenses are also covered under your accident insurance policy. It does not matter what hour and time you call for an ambulance.

  • 24/7 Disability coverage 

There are two kinds of disability coverage covered by Plum Insurance: Partial and Total. It offers coverage for permanent, partial, and total disability. The partial disability becomes permanent if it continues for more than a year. Total disability includes loss of the daily functioning of an employee continuously for more than a month. In case of total disability or death, the company also covers the educational cost of the employee’s children.

  • Accidental death cover

The employee’s family is entitled to a death benefit from the insurance company if the employee dies due to an accident. This accident may be either in the workplace or outside. In such an instance, the deceased employee’s family will get 100% of the sum assured.

  • Transportation of mortal remains 

In case of the employee’s demise during the accident, the family members may incur the transportation cost of mortal remains from the accident site or cremation ground. All these costs can be reimbursed by the nominee of the deceased employee, regardless of where and when they occur.

  • Bone safety protection

This policy also protects you from the financial costs of any fractures caused by accident. You will be paid a lump sum amount for the same.

  • 24/7 customer support 

When purchasing insurance, you may require assistance with some of the policy’s terms or terms and conditions. Plum offers round-the-clock guided service to its insured through phone, secure messaging or email.

  • Claim settlement process 

When employers take insurance for employees, it may get difficult to track all the claims. With the Plum dashboard, you can check the status of every claim being processed by the insured or their family member. You also get real-time status updates. Even the employees get the digital assistance of claim reimbursement.

  • Benefits activation

With the remote work culture popular these days, you can easily add new hires and activate their benefits from anywhere and anytime. Thus, from the day of joining, the employees will be eligible to avail of this incentive.

Besides offering the above benefits, Plum Insurance can customise the plan to meet your team’s specific needs. Furthermore, it is also possible to provide separate employee benefits to selected employees.

Final thoughts

We hope this post will help you better understand how you can access the group personal accident insurance policy 24/7 throughout the year. You can rest assured that this insurance is available at all times in the event of an unfortunate event. Such a policy also helps motivate employees and builds loyalty in organisations.