Why You Should Dry Clean Your Clothing

Looking your best is important as you since go about your work, meetings, social activities, dating, worship services and other places where you want to look your best. For many fabrics, such as denim or a cotton t-shirt, your home laundry machines are perfectly adequate. For designer fabrics, or more tailored clothing, dry cleaning can be a much better option. Of course, there is the convenience factor as well. Take a look at the following reasons.

Time Saver

Doing your own laundry can take quite a bit of time each week, and each load must be adjusted for its contents; the water temperature required, bleach or no bleach. Making the wrong choice could leave you with a miniaturized sweater, trousers with bleach spots, or just a mess of wrinkled fabric.

Ironing Out the Details

Many of your business clothes may require pressing, which can take hours of time if done properly. With dry cleaning, clothes are put on a dry cleaning conveyor system and cleaned, then pressed perfectly and handed to you in like new condition.

Cleaner Clothing

The ability of removing even stubborn stains without rubbing, pilling, fading, or stretching out your garments is one of the best arguments for using your dry cleaner to do your laundry, especially fine fabrics. The clothing is immersed in special solvents, which can dissolve grease and stains. Dry cleaning can also remove odors, such as cigarette smoke or underarm odor. The solvents are then extracted and the clothing is aired out.

Remember, too that dry cleaning is not just for clothing. You can also take pillow covers, curtains, rugs and other items that would be difficult to clean at home and get them back looking good as new. Next time you have a pile of dirty laundry staring you in the face consider taking it to the dry cleaner and you can spend your extra time doing the things that only you can do.