Switch from Plastic Bags to Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

People across the globe are aware of the damages single-use plastic is capable to do. It is this awareness that has led to switch towards eco-friendly and reusable options. Groceries, edibles, vegetables, fruits, and other items brought frequently were packed in plastic carrier bags to bring them home. Now, if you carry a reusable shopping bag, it will reduce plastic bag usage at the grocery store or other independent vendors.

Reusable grocery bags to switch to

When you visit Custom Earth Promo.com, you can browse through the varieties of laminated, recycled, insulated, non-woven, organic, etc. shopping bags.

Large jute bags

A jute bag is a great option for the daily shopping of vegetables and fruits for the whole family. Handles with special pattern stitching are stitched on the top corner for better grip, support, and durability. You can even choose a large canvas bag with 2 to 3 compartments for better organization of the items you buy at the grocery store or vegetable market.

Small canvas bag with compartments

There are a couple of compartments that allow you to sort and separate items. The canvas bag is lightweight and collapsible, so carrying it in your purse or backpack is ideal. There are myriads of printed grocery bags that please your eyes available online at affordable rates.

Funky print bags

You can choose a funky print bag with a single compartment. The canvas bag can be used as an overnight bag or a gym bag or a college bag.

Benefits of choosing reusable grocery bags

It is economical 

The upfront cost can seem high but it saves dollars down the road. Several stores charge for supplying paper or plastic bags. The fee is small but adds up quickly. Reusable bags offer a single-time payment option and you can use them repeatedly for several years without any charge.

It is eco-friendly 

Switching conventional plastic to reusable canvas bags positively affects the planet. A plastic bag takes two decades to biodegrade as trash and sits for more than 1000 years in a landfill. Just 1% of plastic bags are recycled out of the 1 trillion plastic bags that we use every year. So, it does more harm to the ecosystem.

It is durable

Plastic bag handles are flimsy and are prone to tearing making the content fall on the ground destroying delicate items. Reusable jute bags are strong and capable to hold more weight. There is no concern about broken eggs or bruised bananas.

The straps or handles of the recycled non-woven bags are reliable and comfortable to carry. The bags are of high quality and the design is stylish. You can use it for other purposes besides grocery shopping.

Reusable shopping bags are an investment that will lessen plastic use and clutter. Making a switch takes time but its use has its benefits. When you go shopping for recyclable laminated shopping bags, do some research because all brands are not reliable? On Custom Earth Promo.com, customers can get 100% certified canvas or jute bags that are biodegradable. You get to choose from multiple designs and styles.