Reasons why having an excellent tent is not enough

Party tents and folding pavilions are used as event pavilions in many areas. For example, as a shelter at events such as weddings or for catering , as a roof over outdoor pools , as VIP tents or beer tents, as a waterproof and UV-resistant outdoor space for sports clubs or as a market stall. The uses of pavilions are numerous. With experts you will find frame Tent pavilions in sizes from 3×2 meters up to 8×36 meters. You will find exactly the right 40×40 frame tent for all occasions, from a small pavilion for the garden to a large party tent.

These are the advantages of the party tent pavilions

High quality composite systems

High quality party tents are designed for long-term, frequent use. For example, you rely on high-quality, robust click systems that use a wide, solid steel spring as the spring element. In contrast, other manufacturers rely on fragile, thin wire springs. A particularly robust, screwed bolting is used as a further composite system. The individual rod parts of the pavilion are put together, fixed with a screw and then secured with a wing nut.

The best indoor climate – regardless of the weather

Pavilion party tents have welded seams as standard and are therefore all 100% waterproof. Despite the high level of water resistance, the pavilions have a pleasant climate. This is due to the fact that the pavilions are constructed in such a way that air can easily circulate between the outside and inside without creating drafts. The individually removable side parts are made in such a way that oxygen gets into the tent and stuffy, moist air from the tent – the tent is therefore well air- conditioned even when it is closed. The inside of the tent is optimally supplied with fresh air and oxygen and humidity is transported away.