6 Dust Control Measures in Construction Sites

While dust particles may be tiny, it is deadly. Long-term exposure to dust can result in serious health problems, including lung cancer. It can lead to death when not managed properly. To minimize the harmful effects of dust, keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the best ways to control it in a construction site.

  1. Use Dust Misting Cannons

One of the most practical solutions is to invest in a dust misting cannon, such as what you will find at Bosstek. It produces an atomized mist for effective dust suppression. It has wheels, which will make it easy to move around the construction site, depending on where dust is coming from. It will prevent dust from escaping the worksite and from posing serious threats to those who are around the area.

  1. Provide Personal Protective Equipment

The use of eye and face protection is a must-have to minimize the health impacts of dust. The use of PPE should be mandatory in construction sites. The management must provide the necessary equipment, including respirators, face masks, and goggles to keep the employees safe. Make sure that they are comfortable to wear. Otherwise, there will be resistance from the employees.

  1. Substitution of Materials and Processes

Effective dust suppression in construction companies is possible by introducing new materials and processes, especially ones that won’t generate a lot of dust. Doing this can also help construction companies to save money while also going green. Using moistened raw material can also help in the reduction of dust in construction.

  1. Use Chlorides

Chlorides have long been used by construction companies to control dust in the worksite. To be specific, calcium chlorides are hygroscopic materials. Chlorides will do an effective job of attracting water that could dry out and turn into dust. These chlorides are often spread on unpaved roads or on other surfaces where vehicles are always passing by.

  1. Introduce Mulch and Vegetation

If you are looking for a kind of set and forget strategy for dust control in a construction site, mulch and vegetation can be promising. While mulch on its own can already work, it would be better if it is combined with vegetation. Mulch will work by covering exposed soil, which will prevent it from generating dust. Vegetation, meanwhile, will create a root system that will make the soil more compact.

  1. Install Physical Barriers

Placing physical barriers in the construction site to separate the source of dust from the outside world is another effective practice. To ensure the highest level of success, pay attention to the current wind direction. Placing the barriers at the right angle is crucial to ensure their success.

Construction companies are known for generating a large amount of dust as a result of different activities, such as blasting and drilling. To minimize the harmful effects of dust, consider the things mentioned above, including using dust misting cannons, providing personal protective equipment, and installing physical barriers, among other things.