How to use SEO for events success

If you are an event organiser, you should use SEO to reach a wide audience by ranking highly in Google searches. Here are five tips to ensure Google is working for your events.

1. Use your keywords

Undertake some keyword research to find the terms that provide good event-based search results. You can then use the appropriate keywords in your event names. If you need the help of professional SEO services London for keyword research, you will find many options.

If you search for ‘international jazz festival’, for example, Google uses your location and displays results centred on proximity; however, Google also recommends alternative events that include the precise search term you used. Ensure you do this with your events: if you are promoting a jazz festival, call it a jazz festival. If you are hosting an event in a particular location, put the town or city in the event name.

2. Include event schema

By marking up your event pages with the event schema offered by Google, you will see immediate benefits in your search results.

You should mark up several areas, including the event name, location name and address, start and end dates, description and performer. Your event then appears in search results when people search for things such as a specific venue or performer. If you need assistance, contact a professional SEO services London based agency.

3. Remember times and dates

Google results partly hinge on event timing; therefore, you need to use appropriate date schema to get your event ranking in time-based searches. You want Google to deliver event results for search terms such as ‘this weekend’ or ‘tomorrow’, which are popular with smartphone users who want quick results on the go.

4. Use ticketing sites

Google directs users to buy event tickets from particular sites. When promoting your event, look at these sites and get your tickets listed, as this will improve your reach and give your audience another way to purchase tickets.

5. Create great links and content

As part of your event’s publicity campaign, get promotion on reputable sites such as media sites or specialist pages for the event type. The more you get your event mentioned, the higher you will rank. A site that promotes your event can also link back to your page, with backlinks an important aspect of SEO.