How to combat anger triggers?

It is really hard to identify anger triggers for any individual as they differ from person to person. Generally, these are the things and issues that anger a person. From bad manners, aggressive behavior, and discriminations to being ignored, bad services, and being patronized there are countless reasons for provoked anger. PMVA training by ‘’BASIS TRAINING’’ not only helps people to understand anger, but makes you able to identify anger triggers, and finally provides you with ways to combat with anger triggers.

Understanding anger:

Anger is an emotion provoked by unacceptable behaviors that impact badly upon a person’s sensibility. Although anger is a healthy natural emotion, it can damage the relationships, impede the decision-making abilities of a person, and may cause severe harm.

How to combat anger triggers?

Fighting with anger requires anger management skills to recognize the signs and triggers of anger in a person and handling the anger triggers in an effective way to diffuse them. Anger management is not about avoiding the associated feelings with anger or holding it, but it is an acquired skill that needs proper training.

PMVA Training:

Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression or PMVA course – can help almost everyone to deal and diffuse the anger feelings and violent situations with patience, dedication, and cool mind. This PMVA training program works in three steps to train healthcare staff and other professionals working in aggressive or violent settings:

  1. Recognizing the signs of anger by communicating in the right way
  2. Taking time to process triggers with the help of non-aggressive conflict management
  3. Applying techniques and tricks to control anger and manage violence by a hands-on approach to conflict management

PMVA training involves three types of courses that are:

  • PMVA Refresher Course of only one day that is just the update of already leant skills. It covers techniques, laws, communication, incident reporting teamwork and restraint hold
  • Core PMVA training course of 2 days for beginners who just started to learn the art of coping anger and violence. This involves non-pain compliant method, human right laws, the importance of the incident report, and de-briefing.
  • Core PMVA and Conflict Management Course that is of 3 to 4 days with focusing on legislations, teamwork techniques, and advances communication techniques

BASIS TRAINING has a team of professional trainers to teach the art of PMVA. Explore the six stages of managing aggression and advanced physical intervention skills. This training meets NHS protect standards in physical intervention and conflict resolution.