Reviewing Genesis11 – A Friendly Place Where You Trade with Confidence

So, I have seen a lot of people talk about how new traders experience a lot of difficulties when they start trading. However, I have never seen people really mention the biggest challenges that these new traders have. It is not enough to talk about a problem. You have to look for a solution as well. I have always wondered why online trading platforms never come up with a solution to make new traders feel confident when they trade. While they are still focusing on other things, I have this broker, namely Genesis11, that I think really helps traders become confident in trading right from day one.

The company offers a variety of features that help traders gain confidence in their trading. I think it makes them feel friendly as soon as they start signing up with the company and that’s where the secret lies. Let me explain what I am trying to say.

Confident Trading with Genesis11

Take Trading Wherever You Want

So, one of the issues that new traders have when they start trading is how much time they will have to give this activity. You have to know that traders from around the world are choosing trading over any other method of making money. However, since these people are not rich by default, they need some safety when they sign up with online platforms. They can’t dedicate their lives to trading right from day one because they are doing other jobs as well. If that’s the reason that has been scaring you away from trading, I have to tell you about trading with Genesis11. With this company, you can trade with utmost confidence no matter where you are.

So, when you sign up with Genesis11, you have access to the Genesis11 web trader. This trading platform can be opened on any device with any operating system on it. This allows you to trade anywhere you are, which means you are not bound to this job at all.

Education, Mentors, and Customer Support

You can’t be confident as a trader unless you know what you are doing. You can only know what you are doing when you have proper education. You will get ample education from great sources when you sign up with Genesis11. You get access to free ebooks, a detailed trading education program, and much more when you pick the right account. In addition to that, you have trade mentors available as well. Yes, this particular feature is only available with a premium account, but you do have it available without spending too much. Just so you know, even the premium account with Genesis11 can be started with a small amount of $20,000.

Lastly, you will get some great customer support from the company in the form of live chat support. You can talk to an agent through live chat. You can also send an email to the company during the working days to get a quick answer.

Big Leverages with Small Spreads

Another issue that you will face when you trade is the spreads that you will have to take care of when you trade. The problem with spreads is that when they are wide and loose, you end up spending a large portion of the profits you make on covering them. On the other hand, when the spreads on your trades can be as small as 1, you can already see that you will own a lot of money from your profits. That’s what you will get when you are with Genesis11. Genesis11 provides you with large leverages and very small spreads so you can make the most of your trading accounts.

Final Thoughts

You can understand why I consider this trading platform a friendly place for every trader in the world. With easy signup requirements, a great trading platform, tight spreads, and big leverages, I don’t find any reason to not like Genesis11. However, you are free to do more exploration and go with the broker only when you are mentally at peace.