Why you should use skills management software

Skills management software​is useful for all company sizes, branches and businesses and for unlimited purposes. Discover the benefits below!

Store valuable information about employees’ skills

Some companies might not have proper database of staff’s competencies at all and HR planning decisions are often made, based on instinct. People’s skills will not be used optimally this way. Thanks to skills management software, they will be employed optimally from the moment people start working in your company until they leave.

No more programming

Excel sheets can either be programmed by yourself or you could use templates, which is an acceptable manner of dealing with competency management, but deleting one crucial function cell can be disastrous. Skills management software is completely programmed, yet it can be adapted to your organisational structure within an hour, no matter how complex your organisation is. You can store any kind of information about all your employees, which includes proofs of identity, copies of certificates and qualifications.

Keep it simple

Many companies use SAP or Excel (self-programmed) templates to manage skills. However, SAP neither works intuitively, nor does it provide a simple overview of data. The same criticism might apply for Excel, whereas skills management software ticks both boxes.

Quickly look up competencies

Skills management software provides instant insights on an individual’s qualifications. You could also divide these into different groupings, such as certificates, roles and equipment operation, for instance. Imagine someone asks for a day off and needs to be replaced by another employee, the application is able to provide a list of people who can stand in and the level of overlap in terms of competencies with the original employee.

Get important notifications

Keep your house in order! With competency management software you will receive notifications if certificates expire or employees need refresher courses.

In short, skills management software contributes to efficiency and effectiveness of human resource management. If you are interested in using this kind of software, you could for instance use ​AG5​, an excellent application for the purposes mentioned above.