Things that Damage Locks

If you own or traditional lock on an electric lock, both of them are prone to damage through certain things that must be avoided for a longer life of a lock. In case of a damaged lock, you can contact Locksmith Newcastle to fix your lock within minimum time. It is always a Priority to avoid damage to the lock than to get it fixed. Sometimes, consciously and intentionally, we are doing things that damage our lock and reduce its life. Here are the things that are most of the time responsible for broken or damaged locks.


Application of force on locks makes them fragile and damages the interior of the locks. Most locks work on a spring-based mechanism that loses its connection to the iron bar holding the door with the frame. So when you hit on your door forcefully, it ultimately damages your lock because it is the weakest point of the entire entry. The same goes for forceful insertion of keys because the right ones adjust quickly in the locks. Some people insert the right key but turn it in the opposite direction forcefully, which damages the lock and results in broken keys.

Wrong Keys

It is common to insert different keys to check which is the right one for your home if you cannot identify it by merely looking at it. This might seem like the most comfortable way, but it damages your lock as your lock is designed for a key with a particular pattern only. A piece of good advice is to mark your keys so that you can identify the right he for the right door without having to try them on the lock.

DIY Methods

When people are unfortunately locked out of their door, they attempt to try DIY methods to open the lock. Such methods cause permanent damage to the locks and may result in lock replacement instead of repairing.