How to make Mahanagar gas bill payment online?

With our fast-paced lives today, paying bills whether it is electricity, gas or phone online have made our lives easy. Paying bills online is the best way to save efforts and most importantly time. This is why nowadays many people prefer the online method to make their bill payments, as it is also hassle-free and convenient.

Looking at all the advantages of online payments, Mahanagar Gas Limited has introduced an option of online bill payments to make it convenient for their consumers to pay bills and save their valuable time. You can now easily pay your Mahanagar gas bill online within a few couples of minutes and without any difficulty.

While paying utility bills online is a lot more advantageous, this way you can also enjoy discounts. Now you no longer have to stress about paper bills or paycheques, and also do not have to keep waiting in a long queue for your turn to come. The best part of online bill payments is that you get a chance to avail discounts on the total bill amount using certain coupon codes while doing the transactions.

This user-friendly online bill payment option by Mahanagar Gas Limited has been very helpful for consumers. If you are someone who isn’t using this platform yet to pay your bills, here are the steps on how to make Mahanagar gas bill payment online:

  • Open the official website of Mahanagar Gas Limited i.e.
  • Once you open the website, click on the option called “Payment Domestic” on the right side of the website, where they will ask you to enter your CA number (Consumer Reference Number). Your information is displayed here. You have to enter your mobile number and Now you are taken to the partner page. Mahanagar gas collection has many partners, to name a few are:
  • HDFC bank
  • BillDesk
  • TechProcess Solutions Limited
  • Paytm
  • MobiKwik
  • Choose your desired collection partners mentioned from the list on the website. Once you click the link, you again are asked for CA number and you are taken to their payment page.

Here are the steps to make the payment through bill collection partner’s page

  • HDFC Bank: if you select HDFC bank as the payment option, you will be directed to page. You will see your bill details and payment option. You will be asked for a few bank details and the bill amount is automatically deducted from your account. However, this HDFC payment option is available only for people who have registered with the same.
  • BillDesk: when you select BillDesk option, you are directed to the BillDesk page Here again, you have two options-VDS payment or Bill Payment. To pay your Mahanagar gas bill, select bill payment option and proceed. Enter your CA number, bill amount and choose your bill payment option. Here you can pay the bill through credit/debit card, internet banking or via wallet options.
  • TechProcess: If you select TechProcess Solutions Limited option, you are taken to page. Click on the bill payment option and proceed. Enter your CA number, bill amount and proceed. Here also you can pay the bill through credit/debit card, internet banking or via wallet options.

Thus, paying your Mahanagar gas bill online via Mahanagar Gas Limited quite a simple process.

While this option is easy for bill payment, you can now pay your gas bills via Airtel Payments Bank as well.  This option by Airtel is yet another easiest way to pay tour gas bill. Additionally, you get a range of cashback offers and lifestyle benefits making your bill payments more profitable. Below are the steps to follow why paying your bills through Airtel Payments Bank:

  • Visit Airtel Payments Bank website – ‘’
  • Log in with your user name and password
  • Go to ‘Bank’ section
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see ‘Easy Payments’, click on the tab ‘Gas’
  • Select your desired supplier here ‘Mahanagar Gas Limited’
  • Enter your CA number
  • Enter your Bills Group Number
  • Click on ‘Fetch Bill’
  • Then, proceed to pay and follow the steps

Airtel Payments Bank is the safest way for gas bill payment online as it keeps your information like login details and transaction details confidential. Additionally, the website also has an extra level of security with timely OTPs. Whether it is for Mahanagar or Electricity Bill payment, get assured, your every transaction will be safe.

So, choose convenient option and pay Mahanagar gas bill in an easier and faster way now!